414: How to Make Goal-Setting Work For You

Are you falling short in meeting your goals? Or maybe you feel like something is just missing. 

On today’s episode, I chat with Roman Marinov about goal setting. Roman is a relationship coach who has been trained in Tony Robbins’ coaching program. He also is offering a free 30% discount on coaching for anyone who mentions Success Road Podcast listeners. Just mention the show to him. 

Why Is Goal Setting Important?

A great example is to think of a plane. A plane needs to know where it’s going. It needs to know his destination. Otherwise the plane will waste time, and fuel. It might get lost or even be going in the wrong direction. And that’s what goals are for us. Goals are our destinations. That’s why goals are so important.

How To Approach Goal Setting

Roman uses a straightforward framework that consists of a quick meditation. Then he asks individuals to share their goals in four specific categories which include personal, financial, adventure and contribution. This entire process comes from the book Awaken The Giant Within.

And so they give Roman those goals, he writes them down. And then the next step is he asks why these goals are important to them. And the next step is getting very, very specific, creating specific action items for each goal and the deadlines. That’s the process.

Best Advice For Someone Not Working With A Coach

Roman recommends reading Awaken The Giant Within and following the framework described in the book. The very first step is taking five minutes to write a goal in each category without filtering yourself. For example, if you’re working in the financial category of goal, so someone may write “I want to make this specific amount of income.” Following the framework is key, and sticking to it by showing up everyday.  

When Goal Setting Isn’t Working

If you’re struggling with achieving goals, Roman recommends focusing is on the future. Believing something will happen and what it will feel like when it happens. This provides a form of motivation. Roman uses visualization in the morning and evening to stay on track. 

Accomplishing Goals With Loved Ones

Roman recommends reading the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, because Covey goes into depth about this topic in the book. 

In some cases, putting some of your money at stake can help too. You could tell a friend, “If I don’t complete complete this goal by the specific deadline, use this money however you want.” And if you accomplish the goal, you get the money back. That’s a pretty easy way to hold yourself accountable.

Your Next Steps

We will all fail at meeting our goals sometimes. We all have to readjust our goals too. This is all just part of the process. You set new goals, and then you create a plan. Whether you are starting a new goal or just need some help with a current goal, Roman offers a free complimentary coaching session for all new clients. In addition, mention Success Road Podcast for a special 30% off discount. 

Best of luck as you pursue and achieve your goals. Feel free to contact me, Joshua Rivers, and tell me some of your wins. I’d love to hear them!