413: Deep Work and Focus: Key Parts of Productivity

A key part of productivity is having the ability to focus and to do the deep work. 

Lee Chambers is the guest on today’s episode of the Success Podcast. He is a life coach,  and he is going to talk with us about this specific topic.

Lee looks at how we attach to tasks and how we then carry them out. These two areas intersect with employee productivity and performance in today’s society. Here are some key points from this episode. 

We have so many different things vying for our attention. 

It’s becoming more and more difficult to follow our biological rhythms and work deeply for periods of time.We face many businesses that get paid to remove our boredom. At the same time, these businesses are also removing our ability to focus on one specific task and carry that out to a really high peak performance level for a long period. The average worker does so many different things today, he or she can’t possibly just work really deeply on one task. There are emails pinging here and notifications over there. 

How To Start Doing The Deep Work Despite Distractions

It’s a lot like riding a bike. First you get on and you balance the bike. You visualize the path ahead. You start pedaling.  But do you remember what it was like when you first started learning how to ride a bike? The same applies to deep work. A lot of practice is required. You’re not going to get it right when you do it the first time. 

You have to set boundaries. No notifications. Your email is closed. Anything that’s gonna distract you from the work is not there, and naturally takes a big step to make those intentional decisions. Deep work really starts to become a process of you becoming aware, and then implementing these things into your life. 

When Challenges Come Your Way

At some point you’ll face different challenges in your life. They might be health related or financial problems. Whatever the problem, you can turn a threat or challenge into an opportunity to learn. Lee became seriously ill, spending three weeks in hospital and spending six months learning to walk again. His illness was a turning point for him. Lee spent the last five years studying and practising everything he could learn to optimise my mind, body and soul. There will be times when your back is up against the wall. You must decide to take responsibility for your own situation and do what you can do. That’s how you’ll keep growing and learning. 

You can connect with Lee Chambers on his website or on Instagram.