411: Starting Ugly

Chris Krimitsos and I talk about the discovery of the self by starting ugly, perfecting your craft, and innovating. We delve into Chris’s book, Start Ugly: A Timeless Tale About Innovation & Change, and discuss the benefits and conflicts of innovation.

I tend to get bogged down with perfectionism, which prevents me from getting started. The philosophy of Start Ugly is to ‘stop thinking and start doing,’ which helps me get started.

Innovators are dreamers who problem solve by probing and implementing ways to improve. Join us today as we delve into the story behind Start Ugly and some current-day innovators.


  • “It’s not starts ugly stay ugly; it’s starts ugly and perfectly execute from there.” 
  • “Innovation is always happening whether we like it or not.” 
  • “We all reach a semblance of success, and then we wind up plateauing because we’re afraid to move out of our comfort zone.”