Rory Vaden is a graduate of the University of Denver, the co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, a top-performing speaker at Toastmasters World Championship of Speaking, best-selling author of two books, and shares a birthday with Kevin Spacey and Sandra Bullock.

  1. I’ve heard you allude to your matchmaking abilities when you were young. Would you care to elaborate on that?
  2. Can you share about your experience while in debt and what you learned?
  3. You open the first chapter with a bold statement: “Everything you know about time management is wrong.” Can you share your journey that brought you to this conclusion?
  4. What is Priority Dilution?
  5. Can you talk about the lesson you learned from Dustin’s daughter?
  6. What are some personal examples of how these principles have helped you multiply your time?

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In the next week or two, we’ll have Mark Sieverkropp on to talk about networking and share the upcoming event, Networking with Purpose Live. (affiliate link)

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