Month: April 2014

Simple Survey About Creating Content Online

Creating content online is almost essential in today’s world. I say “almost” because there may be a few cases that it would not be viable or highly useful. But, the majority of people can benefit from taking a little time to create content and share it online. This is not always an easy task for…

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3 Ways to Choose the Better Part – Guest Post by Lily Kreitinger

This is a guest post by Lily Kreitinger. She works as an instructional designer, creating online programs for corporate clients and she commutes three hours every day. She and her husband homeschool Emily. She also runs Kreitinger Design Studio, helping bloggers become authors. You can also follow her on Twitter. How do you do it all?…

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This is the #1 Reason Marriages Fail (#053)

This is the #1 reason marriages fail. And it may not be what you think. Click To Tweet

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Let It Go

My daughter got the movie, “Frozen,” for her birthday. We watched it 3 times that weekend: twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. I don’t know if I’m just weird, but I like to look for life lessons in the movies I watch. There are a lot of great lessons that I saw in this…

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