Month: July 2013

Working in the Age of Grace

My second most popular post has consistently been about the grace of God (second to my interview with Chris LoCurto). I also wrote a follow-up post. Here they are: What is Grace? Available Grace I’ve been meaning to write some more about this, but I kept putting it off. But, I had a discussion with…

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Changing Your Attitude and Outlook

I wrote an earlier post about joy. I shared that I started saying “Good morning,” no matter what time of day it was. I was able to connect that practice to the verse in Psalms that tells us that “joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5) You can read the rest of the post here….

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Have a Good Morning…All Day Long

Good morning! I have worked third shift (AKA, the Graveyard shift) for many years. In fact, I did this for most of my life as an adult. If you have ever worked that shift for any period of time, you understand how you can lose track of day and time. Everything tends to blur together….

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Doing What You Desire

This month, I’ve been having an emphasis on pursuing your dream job. Doing work you love. Finding your passion, and then working your passion. The emphasis actually started on accident. It started back in April when I got to interview Dan Miller (episode 11). I immediate thought about trying to get Jon Acuff and have those…

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Making a Difference with Fred

Several months ago I read “The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn. It was a great inspiration based on his mailman, Fred. Fred had gone above and beyond the normal call of duty. Instead of simply putting mail into the mailbox, he would watch the homes of those on his route when they would be on…

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Get Smart with Pat Flynn

This is a short- notice post! I will be interviewing Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income on Monday, July 15. You have been great at asking good questions, so I am looking for questions from you! Don’t get me wrong – I like my questions, too, but this is more about you. My aim is…

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An Artist’s Manifesto – by Kent Sanders (book review)

Kent Sanders has written a manifesto for artists: “Yesterday, Today, Forever: an artist’s manifesto.” Kent was a guest on episode 9 of the podcast (sharing some things about Evernote), and has been mentioned several times since. An artist is more than a painter or musician. An artist is someone that creates something. In his book, “The…

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Happy Independence Day

In the United States, July 4th is the day we celebrate Independence Day. I am posting this on the 5th, but I want to wish you a Happy Independence Day! I was able to spend the evening with my wife, watching our kids play at a park in the evening. Then we met with a…

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Making Connections with Jared Latigo | Book Launch Place – QLMS #020

This week, Jared Latigo is joining me. I met him on and he has also been on Kent Sanders’ podcast (Kent was also on episode #009 of this podcast). You can go to his site or connect with him on Twitter. Making Connections Jared has published his own book: “The Connection Brand.” He is offering some bonuses if you purchase…

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Top 10 Posts for June 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what my top posts have been, but here they are for June, 2013. Take a little time to read these if you missed them (or would like to read them again)! What is Grace? (This was posted on July 14, 2012, but it keeps coming up as one of…

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